Our thoughts and prayers are with our employees, their families and our fellow SWFL citizens. We are still getting our feet on the ground and making sure our families and friends are taken care of.

After surveying the shop, we are very thankful that we will be able to get back to work in the next couple weeks. The shop did sustain severe damage to the paint shop that will take time to repair.

We lost 1 paint booth, which will limit the volume of cars we can repair. We have no phone or internet which stops us from writing estimates and communicating with insurance companies. Next week we will work on cars that repairs are already started and in process.

We will not be able to take in any new work or write any estimates for at least the next few weeks. At the time of landfall, we were already booked for weeks. I am still in the evaluation stages of how to move forward with future scheduling. If you were already scheduled, from our cell phones, we will call you next week to discuss. More info to come.

Thx, Jason Mohler.